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Why Strings IT Recruitment?

We care most about what YOU need rather than what companies need. We will provide you with a detailed overview of the pros and cons at every available position as per your own skills, ambitions and personality.
We do not have working time because we love what we do and we are always at work, one way or another. You can reach out to us regarding any topic, anytime (literally!). Seriously, we are always there for your questions and feedback.
Got a day job and can't come to our office for a proper interview? No problem, we will meet you at breakfast early in the morning or buy you a drink (or two) late in the evening. Or, we can always think of other options to get in touch.
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{IT Specialists}
  • software developers
    Java PHP .NET C C++ Ruby Python JavaScript HTML/CSS SQL T-SQL PL/SQL Perl
  • mobile developers
    Android iOS Windows BlackBerry Cross-Platform
  • Project Managers
    Certified Non-Certified
  • QA Experts
    Automation Manual
  • System Administrators
    Windows Linux Unix Mainframe Integration
  • Network Administrators
    Cisco Juniper
  • Database Administrators
    Oracle Postgre MySQL DB 2 MS SQL
  • designers
    Web Mobile UX Product Graphic
{Tech Support}
  • Nordic Speakers
    Finnish Swedish Danish Norwegian
  • other
    French Spanish Catalan Portuguese Italian Dutch Flemish German Polish Greek Hungarian Turkish Romanian Russian Arabic Czech Bulgarian

Selection Process

We are always ready to change the structure of our selection process.
However, our selection is based on three main building blocks that always remain present:

We launch a detailed assessment on the candidates’ technical knowledge, run by a team of industry experts, in order to find out which job opportunity you fit in most.
We hire the person, not the position. Soft skills are vital to your successful performance in the long run, regardless of your levels of technical expertise. Therefore, we find it mandatory to run a decent soft-skill check on you.
Money? Respect? Stability? Which are the things about a job that really motivate you as a professional? We are going to find it out so that you stay happy and productive at your next career adventure.
Dobromir Tsolyov
Dobromir Tsolyov
Gary Van Woerkens
Gary Van Woerkens
Chief Technical Officer
Strings IT Recruitment
4 Iskar Str.
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 883 368 980 (BG)